Case Management Conference (CMC)

Case management conference: overview

A Case Management Conference is a meeting between the parties and the Board to discuss a case in progress. Case Management Conferences are normally held by telephone but can also be held by videoconference or in person.

The following information will give you a better idea of the purpose of a Case Management Conference, what happens, and how to prepare for it.  

What is the purpose of a Case Management Conference?

In dealing with a file, the Board may organize a Case Management Conference even if no hearing is required. For example, the Board may call a Case Management Conference to:

  • discuss the possibility of a settlement with the parties;
  • discuss preliminary issues, such as requests for documents or confidentiality orders; and
  • gather additional information from the parties.

If the Board decides to hold a hearing, it may call a Case Management Conference to make the hearing proceed smoothly. For example, the Board may: 

  • talk to the parties about who they will be calling as witnesses, and what each witness will contribute;
  • explain how to require witnesses to attend the hearing (by issuing a Summons);
  • find out how long the parties think the hearing will take;
  • find out when the parties are available for a hearing;
  • explain what needs to happen before the hearing and assign deadlines for those actions to occur (for example, the filing of a Book of Documents or additional documents that the parties intend to rely on);
  • explore whether the parties agree on certain facts, to speed up the hearing;
  • try to narrow the issues between the parties;
  • discuss the possibility of mediation to find an acceptable solution to the matter;
  • provide preliminary thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the case; and
  • answer any questions that the parties may have.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must attend the Case Management Conference. Important decisions are made at these meetings that will affect your case.

Who attends a Case Management Conference?

The following people may attend the Case Management Conference:

  • The Board;
  • The parties;
  • Any intervenors that the Board is permitting to participate in the hearing; and
  • Sometimes, an Industrial Relations Officer and a Senior Registry Officer. 

IMPORTANT: If you have been notified about the Case Management Conference but do not attend, the Board may proceed with the Case Management Conference without you.

How do I prepare for the Case Management Conference?

The Board will send you a letter inviting you to the Case Management Conference. 

The letter usually tells you what the Board wants to discuss. 

Before the Case Management Conference, you should think about the items raised in the letter and what your position will be. For instance, you should consider:

  • who you will need to call as witnesses, and what information they will provide to the Board (if the purpose of the Case Management Conference is to prepare for a hearing);
  • how many hours or days it will take you to present your evidence to the Board; 
  • preparing any questions that you have for the Board about how the hearing will proceed; 
  • being ready to set hearing dates based on the availability of the Board (you should also know the availability of other persons who will be attending the hearing, such as witnesses—a lawyer should know the availability of their client);
  • if you have not done so already, advising the Board if you have a disability that requires accommodation during the hearing; and
  • if you have not done so already, advising the Board if interpretation services are required. 

What if I need language interpretation?

The Board can organize simultaneous interpretation in many languages for persons who need it, not just English and French. 

The Board pays for the cost of the interpretation.

Interpretation services can be arranged for mediations, Case Management Conferences and hearings. 

It is important that you let the Board know if you require interpretation services. 

Advise the Board as early as possible to avoid any delays in the process.

What happens after the Case Management Conference?

After the Case Management Conference, the Board will send a letter to the parties summarizing the meeting. 

If a hearing is necessary, the letter will contain a schedule for filing additional documents to be used at the hearing, as well as information about the issues settled during the meeting.